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House Of Taboo – Submissive Slave

House of taboo is the new site that just launched today everyone. And we can safely say that you will be in for some nice scenes and galleries as you come to sate your thirst for some hard core porn. For our debuting gallery here we bring you one hot and sexy blonde with a passion for cock. And serving as our poster lady for the update you can see what you can expect all the other hotties that we’ll have here to do for your viewing pleasure everyone. Let’s get this show with her started and see what she brings in this first houseoftaboo scene.

As the scene starts you can see that her master knows exactly how cock hungry this woman is and he plans to use that to his advantage today as he’s going to provide her with what she needs. He straps on a nice little apparatus to keep her mouth wide open, as he is going to be shoving his big cock in her mouth to sate her thirst for man meat today. Watch as the superb and sexy hottie gets her mouth fucked hard style as the guy goes balls deep, inserting his big cock all the way down in her throat today. If you liked this scene, you can see other babes tied up inside the blog! See you soon!


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Leather mistress going wild

A fresh new house of taboo video is ready to be exposed for you guys and you better check it out right now! No matter if you like to be dominated or to dominate, you will see both parts here. These amazing brunettes are about to be bounded and pleased and they will get their pussies shoved hard and deep. You are about to see how this leather babe will start pushing that whip right into her sexy slave’s wet hole and she will start drilling it on and on. Oh, you are going to adore watching these two, both the mistress and her slave, in this fantastic house of taboo scene. If you adore bondage and leather sluts in action, have a look at as well!

You are going to see how while one of the babes will lay down, all tied up and bonded, the other one will start using her tools just to drill her slave’s hole, like they both want too. She is going to insert that whip deep inside that moist hole and she will push it in and out, just to see it go more juicy than before. Stay tuned to discover what are these two about to do and see them both using their imagination, just to cause more pleasure and more lovely pain for every single one of them!

house of taboo sluts

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PussyKat and Lindsey Olsen

House of taboo is back with another hot update! Lindsey Olsen is a naughty dominatrix who likes taking control over sexy babes bodies but in this scene she is going to meet PussyKat, another dominatrix who never takes no for an answer. It looks like sexy Lindsey is going to have to learn to be submissive for a change, because PussyKat is in charge and Lundsey will have to do what she is told to.

After she gets ordered to get naked, Lindsey has to get on her knees and lick PussyKat high heels clean, then she gets her body covered in Champaign and has to play with herself for the naughty mistress. She is then bent over on her all fours and blindfolded. The mistress starts slapping Lindse’s sexy ass and she must not make a sound if she wasn’t to have an orgasm. Because she’s been a good girl, Lindsey gets her pussy and ass stuffed with toys and then she gets fucked with a big vibrator until she reaches to orgasm.


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House of Taboo Amanda Black

It’s another fresh week and of course that’s the time to check out a fresh and new house of taboo scene. Well this one is quite awesome too as you get to see none other than the submissive sexy babe Amanda Black as a sub getting her body toyed with by her master. You know that this is the best place to visit if you want to see some superb S&M scenes as we strive to bring you only the best of the best. This scene falls perfectly in that rule and we know that you’ll be remembering the name of this beautiful babe for a nice and long time. Well, let’s get those cameras rolling and see her show unfold today shall we?

She’s truly a houseoftaboo beauty isn’t she. The guy couldn’t be more happy to get her body all to himself today and that shows too. He plans to put her through some pain, but at the end of it all, the pleasure will intensify tenfold and miss Amanda knows that. Otherwise she wouldn’t be here if she wasn’t into this sort of thing. So watch her getting bound to some chains first as she needs to be secured in place while the guy plays with her body. AS she’s sitting there, she gets to have her perky round tits clamped too and she revels in the feeling she gets from it too. Like we said, see her teased for quite a bit today and then see her pleased as well!


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Angelik Duval and Candy Sweet

Hey there guys and gals. We have more house of taboo scenes here to show off to you today and they are as sizzling hot as always. This one update is rather special as we wanted to show you guys and ladies out there something as a personal thanks for enjoying these galleries for so long. So without further due, we bring you two of the hottest babes around that get to have kinky fun, gracing your screens with their presence in this simply stunning and hot update. Their names are Angelik Duval and her partner for today Candy Sweet. As one would imagine, they make the perfect pair and this scene is just magic with them!

Angelik is the brunette babe and she was quick to assume the role of the mistress today. She is sporting some really hot and sexy black lingerie. First off she makes sure that her sub for today, Candy, is all nice and naked first and foremost. Our dominant brunette then goes ahead and uses some duct ape to secure her nicely to the table that she was on, and starts to tease her. She gets to play with Candy’s pussy quite some time and even makes her orgasm too. Well now it was Candy’s turn to put her tongue to good use to please her mistress’ pussy for the rest of this scene. As always, enjoy the view and we’ll be back soon with more scenes for you!


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Black Angelica and Eve Angel

We promised you that there would be more houseoftaboo scenes featuring an all babe cast and here they are. WE have more sexy subs dominated by some sexy and hot mistresses and the names of the two ladies getting to play this fine day are Black Angelica and Eve Angel. Miss Angelica gets her first name as a nickname from her personal style. She likes to wear all black latex and lace clothing and even fishnets too, but they have to be all black. Well Eve isn’t too far behind in the kinky clothing department, but she has no preference for color. Today she gets to be a naughty nurse that gets punished in the personal dungeon of the domme.


Like we said earlier, this mistress has her very own little dungeon. And as you can see, she has lots of stuff strung around the walls that she likes to use on occasion. Today though, she gets to punish her naughty sub as she seems to have made a mess with some milk on her special bed in the play room. First order of business is some kinky spanking as Eve needs to learn her lesson. The thing is that it’s all pleasure play after that as Angelica is ny far the heartless mistress that she seems to be. So check her out teasing her slave today and then see her pleasing her pussy with her very masterful fingers and other toys. Bye bye for now!

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House of Taboo – Tied and mouthfucked

You will see this naughty babe having her mouth full, finally, just like she wanted so much. You will adore watching her in some house of taboo action, having her mouth full of that immense tool, taking the entire tool right into her eager mouth. She is going to show you exactly how she likes to take that enormous tool inside her mouth, being incapable of touching or helping herself by those hands, to perform that sloppy blow job. Enjoy the whole houseoftaboo scene, cause it’s totally worth watching the entire action. You will enjoy seeing how she will have her tonsils touched by that boner!

She is going to be excited as well, cause it is turning her on big time to see how her mouth is being shoved big time. Enjoy seeing her being covered in white creamy cum, in the end and getting ready to swallow the whole amount. If you liked this, than you will also enjoy the latest video, cause it’s truly interesting and exciting. Have a great time watching the entire action!


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House Of Taboo Bound Tight

Heya there everyone. As per usual we come bearing some more all new and sexy house of taboo scenes. We have more sexy ladies getting submissive in this one and this brunette here is the stuff of dreams. She looks incredibly hot and it seems that she has a fetish for being dominated and taken by a man in the bedroom. Rest easy knowing that she got that today in spades as she got to have some fun times with her master. She has shoulder long hair, the perfect waist and curves and as you can see, she also happens to back some nice and big round tits as well. So let’s see her at play today!

This houseoftaboo gallery has her making center stage first as she takes a seat on the bed. As you can see, the only thing that she was wearing was her thigh high stockings, which made her already long sexy legs look even hotter. Anyway, the dom enters the scene soon too to find her patiently waiting for him like the good little sub she is. See her tied up to the bed nice and tight in a bent over position and you can see her pussy and ass fucked with a dildo as she makes cute moans of pleasure. The dom sure knows how to please her as well and she sure got her sexual release for this fine day. Check it out and do drop by again soon for more!


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Cock and Fuckmachine

Another fresh week and time to check out another hot house of taboo update just like usual. Again we have a sexy female sub with her male dom and we get to see them playing in the bedroom for today’s nice little update. The babe is quite the Asian cutie too and she seems to have a thing for sexy leather lingerie too. In today’s update you get to see her getting around to use a proper fucking machine as well to kick things off, but it’s just not the same feeling for her as feeling that nice and rock hard cock pleasing her eager holes. Well, let’s get the scene going already and see what went down.


The dom is quite the black stud himself, so you would understand this babe why she needs his cock to please her rather than the machine. Anyway, you get to see her drop on all fours as she bends over and the guy starts up the thing. Have fun seeing this Asian cutie as she moans in pleasure while her pussy gets pounded by the dildo and see her soon begging for some nice and real man meat. The guy takes over the job of the dildo but her pussy isn’t the only thing getting a workout today. You also get to watch her take that big black cock in the ass and loving every single second of this superb fuck session. See you guys next week with new stuff!

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House Of Taboo – Gift Of Restraint

This week’s scene is one to remember as we have some more all new and all fresh house of taboo galleries to show off. This time we’re going for the classy couple type but rest assured there will be more all lady scenes in the future too. Anyway, in this gallery you get to see a male dom with his sexy female counterpart sub as they get to have some fun and as you can already see, hey also happen to get to play with another one of those sex swings. The trick is that this one is simply made out of all ropes and it just makes this whole thing look even better and hotter. So let’s get started and see the two going down an dirty.

As any great houseoftaboo scene starts, this one starts off in style as well. You get to watch this gorgeous woman as she gets around to make her entry following her master and she’s already all nude. Of course she looks simply dreamy and she was already wearing a nice little rope harness in shibari style. Well after she gets to show off that, the guy ties her up nicely so that she’s dangling in the air. And with that she’s all his to toy with as he sees fit. You can watch as the babe gets her body teased all over as the guy wants to make her beg to be pleased which she does as well. Enjoy seeing her getting her pussy pounded while she’s suspended and have fun with the scene.


Take a look at this suspended chick getting pounded!

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