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PussyKat and Lindsey Olsen

House of taboo is back with another hot update! Lindsey Olsen is a naughty dominatrix who likes taking control over sexy babes bodies but in this scene she is going to meet PussyKat, another dominatrix who never takes no for an answer. It looks like sexy Lindsey is going to have to learn to be submissive for a change, because PussyKat is in charge and Lundsey will have to do what she is told to.

After she gets ordered to get naked, Lindsey has to get on her knees and lick PussyKat high heels clean, then she gets her body covered in Champaign and has to play with herself for the naughty mistress. She is then bent over on her all fours and blindfolded. The mistress starts slapping Lindse’s sexy ass and she must not make a sound if she wasn’t to have an orgasm. Because she’s been a good girl, Lindsey gets her pussy and ass stuffed with toys and then she gets fucked with a big vibrator until she reaches to orgasm.


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