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Mira Cuckold and Anita B

Welcome to more of our fresh and hot house of taboo scenes this fine day today. In today’s update we get to see a couple that gets to experience BDSM pleasures at the hands of this very eager mistress and rest assured that she took good care of both of them this fine afternoon. She rarely gets the chance to initiate a couple in the art that is S&M and she sure enjoyed herself with the whole thing too for today. Let’s get around to take the time seeing her at play for this one as you are about to watch this bossy mistress take full advantage of the two subs that she got on her hands this afternoon!

As any great houseoftaboo mistress, this one has her very own play room and it’s filled to the brim with all sorts of amazing toys to try too. Well either way, she gets her couple in, straps the dude to a wall with some ropes and his babe gets put a in a nice little cage. For this afternoon he gets to watch his girlfriend becoming a submissive little play thing for the mistress. And oh does the brunette lady have her fun with the teasing. Watch her starting with some punishment for the kinky babe as she spanks her cute butt in the beginning. Well by the end of it all, she actually got to play with both, but either way it’s a great sight and you shouldn’t miss it for the world!


See this hot mistress punishing her two slaves!